Pressing Metalic Gold Color
Total 300 Limited edition​
Poster Come with first 100 orders
Pre Order $29.99
Regular $39.99
Pay Method Paypal
Shipping Date 28th March 2020 (tentative)
Shipping USA
1 LP $5, 2 LP $6.50, 3-4LP $7.50,
5-10LP $15 & 11 or more $30
Shipping Canada 1 LP $14 &+$2 more each additional LP
Shipping to UK and Australia* 1-2 LPs $25


Due to high shipping costs to the UK and Australia – we suggest using US address to place an order or order in a “pair”/2 or more. This product will not ship to any other country than the US, Canada, UK & Aus. A separate 100 copies will be made available for sale in Kathmandu possibly in July 2020.

Please Email at to reserve your copy

You can also book a copy for pick up in Kathmandu by using address in Nepal – Paypal wont add  shipping cost for Nepal

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