Robin n’ Looza: burst onto the music scene in 1999 with their debut album Nepal, leaving an indelible mark. Hailing from Ason and surrounding areas, Looza:, a high school band, joined forces with Canadian artist Robin Tamang, infusing Nepali rock with a fresh makeover characterized by edgy blues-rock-folk sounds and socially conscious lyrics.

The band consisted of Sunit (guitar), Rizu (bass), Sharad (guitar), Prozol (drums), and Robin (vocals and acoustic guitar), each contributing their unique talents to the group’s sound. Building on their initial success, they released two more albums – Adhunik ko Anganma in 2000 and Bhul ma Bhulyo in 2001, showcasing their musical evolution. Known for their electrifying live performances, Robin n’ Looza: performed at various music festivals and concerts throughout Nepal, captivating audiences with their energy and dynamism. Despite disbanding in 2004, their impact on the Nepali music scene was undeniable, as they carved out a niche for themselves and garnered numerous awards for their invaluable contributions.

“The legacy of Robin n’ Looza: in Nepali rock music endures, as their songs continue to be covered by emerging bands, solidifying their enduring influence.”

Wild Yak Records is thrilled to present Robin N’ Looza: on vinyl for the first time, celebrating their trailblazing albums. This special compilation features 10 classic tracks, meticulously remastered in the U.S., infusing the band’s music with a revitalized energy.

The name Looza: signifies the dawn, and accordingly, this vinyl is designed with a vibrant red splatter, symbolizing the sunrise. Robin N’ Looza: was more than just any band; they served as a voice for social change, highlighting various societal issues through its music. The album cover, styled like a newspaper, reflects their social awareness and captures significant events in Nepal over the past 25 years since the band hit the stage. In the last three decades, we Nepalis have experienced extraordinary events that most people might encounter only once in a lifetime, if at all. At Wild Yak Records, we feel it was crucial to encapsulate this in the album’s presentation.

This limited copy of Robin N Looza includes following hit songs:

  1. Blool Ma Blulya
  2. Maila Bhai
  3. Adhunik Ko Aaganma
  4. Swatantra Jeevan
  5. Just For A Day
  6. Generation
  7. Cheesso Hawa ma
  8. Jawaf
  9. Pahilo Naam
  10. Nepal

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