Himalayan flavor 2021, 3rd edition on this series is out now. This compilation album is presented by Wild Yak Records and supported by Pokhara Underground. After the success of First & Second Himalayan flavor, Mr. Hem Kumar Pun, the lead vocalist of one of the earlier death metal band from Nepal KAALm the main architect of this amazing project beyond excited to present the third edition.

I had a chance to catch up with via phone calls, emails and text messages where we extensively talked about Himalayan flavor project and music in general.

1. Please tell me about yourself?
I’m born for few things so this one is one of them to be a tiny nut of musical/underground scene part.

“We stared Himalayan flavor simply to unite Nepalese underground bands and artists.”

2. How did you start Himalayan Flavor and why? What’s the goal?
We stared Himalayan flavor simply to unite Nepalese underground bands and artists. Also to keep a original songs of bands and artist as history, encouraging new bands to do original songs and record their albums as well.  We also hope to see disbanded bands reunite. We would like to see our old school tradition of physical CD continue and preserve these as a historical compilation CD of Nepal, for up coming generation.

3. How many you have done so far and how has the support been?
This one is our 3rd edition and always being supported by brotherhood. Nothing but love from us to the brotherhood.

4. How do you select bands? What’s the process? How does bands feel about it? Do listeners still buy CDs?
The process is simple: band’s songs has to be original and a Nepalese band member must be involved. It could be inside Nepal or outside of Nepal. We also look for bands they are happy to be a part of Himalayan flavor family and that shares our vision. Our crowd, they buy our CD/merchandises, old school people they love it. Old school is the best school.

5. What is the future plan?
Future plan is to continue more edition, hopefully if we could sustain financially then, we would like to record a studio album of all bands, that can’t afford to pay. Selection will be done by the Himalayan Flavor group. Our next plan to make a documentary.

6. What are the obstacles?
Covid 19, and mostly new bands they don’t have a record (can’t afford for studio pay). We are trying to figure a way out of this.

7. I know you did live shows based on these flavor bands, how did it work out? How do you select bands to play live?
Live shows are still on struggling but progress is being made. Selection of bands for gig: first priority to new fresh bands that has original songs and of course other willingness of band.

This Nepalese Himalayan flavor underground metal compilation has 100 songs. Some of the bands are:
Symbol of Orion
Nude Terror