Music pulsing from the grooves of a vinyl record holds a certain allure. It has the timeless appeal of resonance and form that refuses to fade away, even in the digital era. At a time when digital streaming services have become the go-to method of listening to music, vinyls have managed to maintain a niche appeal among music aficionados for their nostalgic quality.

“Wild Yak Records is attempting to bring the nostalgia and analog quality of vinyl to a new generation of music aficionados.”

It is this allure that brought together three Nepalis from diverse backgrounds to establish a music label and begin pressing vinyls of both new and old music.

“We recognized that the original recordings of many Nepali songs we grew up with are nowhere to be found or are not in great condition. It thus became necessary to hunt, remaster, and preserve the best recordings of iconic songs,” said Sushil Koirala, one of the co-founders of Wild Yak Records, a record company that was established in 2018 by Koirala, Kiran Byanjankar, and Neeraj P. Gorkhaly.

While Koirala is a public health professional based in Bangkok, Byanjankar is a music/art promoter in Chicago, and Gorkhaly is a scientific policy advisor in Washington, DC. They all grew up in the 90s in Nepal and were involved at some point or the other with Kathmandu’s then-booming metal scene. But keeping up with changes in music technology has not always been easy or even desirable.

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The article was written by Aishwarya Baidar, a fashion blogger and a media studies student at Kathmandu University.