Imagine listening to the late music maestro Narayan Gopal’s recordings on high quality stereo vinyl. The sound of the yesteryears cap­tured and reproduced in the most primitive of the formats where the whole ‘analogness’ of the music is preserved. Now imagine not having to scrounge through other peo­ple’s collections or antic shops to buy them. Instead, you could have them with the click of a button or find them at a convenient spot near you. That’s exactly the intent of the Wild Yak Records—an ini­tiative of three friends who connected with each other through their common love for vinyl and music.

Sushil, Kiran and Neeraj  are the men behind the Wild Yak Records, its inception made possible by their common love. They are spread across the globe— Sushil is a public health pro­fessional based in Bangkok, Kiran is a restaurateur in Chicago, and Neeraj is a scientific policy advisor in Washington DC. What also brings these men, all in their early 40s, together is their common root as the rebellious “thrash metal” generation of Kathmandu in the early 90s.

“The seeds of the WYR were planted when Sushil Koirala found an entry of a Narayan Gopal record in an online vinyl marketplace a few years ago”

Full story by Mr. Sunny Mahat on the annapurna express