Is this the right turntable set-up for me?
Sometimes we are lost between which amp, speaker, or turntable is better than others. All systems; cheap or expensive are/were built for a certain audience and a certain type of music. Besides being a lot more affordable, the older set-ups are also designed for the type of music that is produced for the equipment of that time.

“I think the reason is that many older recordings have technological limitations that more expensive systems expose (in a negative way).”

That is why some of your OG 1967 press sounds off in your brand new 5,000 USD turntable set-up.

I must have played this record a thousand times and in many different set-ups (and yes Its still a test press as I have not got my copy of the record yet). It never sounded better to me in any other configurations than this “cheapish” setup I have. It does not have the specs that you would expect but it sounds just about right for the music that was recorded in that era.

Song: Yeti Dherai Maya Diye
Artist: Narayan Gopal
Album: In your honor, Narayan Gopal
Press: USA 2019
Speakers: ONKYO E-43A- 1972
Amp: SANSUI AU-555- 1968
Turntable: ELAC Miracord 770H- 1970
Cartridge: Shure M93

Sushil Koirala
December 28, 2020
Bangkok, Thailand