Digital files like MP3 are compressed to improve the portability of digital music. MP3s have revolutionized the way we store and listen to music. So, it has a significant place in our life, and that is not going to change. You can’t possibly take your record player to the Everest base camp.

“The debate that high-quality digital music (lossless and others) is better than the vinyl record is subjective to people’s perception and taste. “

Some people prefer to listen to records for the warmth of its sound, the tonal clarity, and the simplicity around the way music is played through a record player. A lot of people listen to records also for nostalgic reasons. Some are just experimental listeners and a few others are collecting vinyl as an urban trend. But at the same time, a significant proportion of the audiophiles do listen to digital sound through a CD player. The argument that analog and or digital is better is thus an argument, with no end to it.

We like Vinyl record not only for the because it sounds warmer and cleaned to our ears, but also because the album is a part of history and a piece of art. It would be a surprise for many to know that a major driving force behind the vinyl resurgence is not the audiophiles or the jazz purists but the metal heads of the 90s.

As we would like to say, your ears are the best judge for what sounds better for you. We happen to be a group of people who find that bit of warmth, clarity and precision in analog sound, a bit more pleasing. Its just the way we are.