“The year 2020 has been weird for sure, prayers for all lost souls and strength to all those who are struggling; not only due to this pandemic, but for every run in the human race. “, Shree 3 said in a statement announcing the release of their new ambitious song, ‘Existence in Uncertainty’, from their upcoming second album.  

“isolated we were
relation was in purpose,
strangers, behind the closed doors,
bleed to breath, in uncertainty..”

Talking with WYR on why and how this single came about bassist Rozet Grurng said, “This song is a true expression of my inner feelings that I went through mentally, physically, emotionally and financially after the lockdown. It’s very personal so we chose it as a single”.

Lead vocals & guitarist Sarad Shrestha states the similar feeling regarding this song and the upcoming album. “The album will have all the stories about the current uncertain situation that we are going through due to pandemic.”

“The sound will be heavier than before. It will be sludgy, doomy, stoner rock and will have lots of emotions. Songs are personal especially this new single Existence. It summarizes difficult state one of the band members going through currently.” Sarad adds. “This album is a specially dedicated to the hard rock music lovers.”

This single doesn’t disappoint and drops the hammer on miserable year 2020. The song starts and builds throughout the verses with a mellow ambient guitar based sound, neatly tucked into a serene vibe with underlying bass work and laidback drums. Speaking about the state of human mind, especially in the present sudden change of time, the song speaks of uncertainty we all are in. 

“Yo personal feelings based song ho that we expressed through our instrument. After 1st lockdown nothing was certain about what now or next? Mentally, financially we were getting pretty desperate.” emotional Rozet said.
“After lockdown the only option we had was to go to the practice room and play our instruments. Yo bass line tyeti bela nai afai banyo suru ma then Robin followed me with the drums and Sarad dai did what he did best, added life to it. And this song was made. ” Rozet who still is going through personal difficulties said he is pretty happy how this song has turned out and hoping the fans will embrace it positively.

Shree 3 is a three piece stoner rock band comprising of Sarad Shrestha on vocals & guitars, Rozet Gurung on bass and Robin Neupane on drums; the band is currently working on their second studio album. The album which is yet to be named will be released as an EP. It will have 5 or 6 songs and is being recorded at Broken Egg Studio, Patan Nepal.

Band members said they are very happy to be working with young energetic talent Bishal Tamrakar of Broken Egg Studio. This album is again being produced by Kiran Byanjankar after their successful first collaboration in album ‘Drabya Dharma‘. They expect new album to be done by end of January 2021 and released sometimes in February 2021.

They have also premiered a video of this song on Dec 21st 2020.

By Prabin & Kiran