Dear Friends,

First and foremost, we hope this finds you and your loved ones in good health.

“On this anniversary of our dear Sworsamarat Narayan Gopal departure, we would like to share a digital copy of the cover art, a free digital poster. (download here)”

We would also like to take this opportunity to update everyone on the status of our current projects and releases.

Bipul Chettri is in production. This is a 45rpm press record to compliment the music. It is being pressed as we speak. We are expecting delivery in the coming weeks so we can start mailing out the pre-orders to US buyers by the new year’s day. This will definitely brighten up the new year. We all need it.  If you ordered Narayan Gopal and Bipul Chettri combo, both will be mailed out when Bipul is available. You can always reach us via facebook, instagram, twitter or email through our website.

Due to covid, as many things in life, new projects have taken a backseat but have not stopped. We are currently hoping to bring you a couple of 25th anniversary compilation of bands that we grew up on and are near and dear to our music gene.  Follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram or website for upcoming announcements.

We are doing our best to keep the wheels rolling; however, we may experience delays somewhere along the way as we try to keep everyone safe and our well wishes.

Thank you for joining the journey and your understanding.

Wild Yak Records